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Data Tools Subjective List

Not exhaustive and personnal list of “modern” Data Tools and Projects

Suggest a Data Tool !

No (file systems) storage or (traditional) databases, and for now, no data science, virtualization, or streaming tools. And no all embedded tools and services proposed by the 3 main public Cloud providers (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS).

Data Architecture

Data Ingestion / Data Onboarding / ETL / ELT

Reverse ETL

Data Collection / Product Analytics / Customer Data

Transformation / Preparation / Cleaning / Wrangling

SQL Tools / Editors

SQL Engines

BI / Reporting / Data Visualization

Data Quality / Profiling / Observability

Data Management / Lineage / Catalog / Governance

DataOps / Data Fabric

Orchestration / Workflow

Storage / Database

Data Privacy / Security / Identity


And finally don’t hesitate to: